Mark H. Jaffe Interviewed on Trademark and Copyright Issues for Recording Artists

article for the The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, where he explained to reporter Alison Fensterstock of the implications of the lawsuit on Wayne’s streaming royalties, and discussed the dispute in the context of artists’ seeking to regain control of their copyrights. He was later profiled on the Mexican website, where he discussed the Lil Wayne lawsuit in further detail. The interview was published in Spanish and English. Later, following his blog post on this firm’s website, Mark discussed Taylor Swift’s pending trademark applications in World Trademark Review. Mark addressed the mainstream media’s misunderstanding of Swift’s applications for her lyrics like “This Sick Beat,” assuring the public that Swift is only seeking to use phrases as source indicators of her merchandise. In the article he said that the media uproar “creates a false impression to the public of a monopolisation of the English language. She’s not actually seeking to trademark lyrics, that cannot happen.” Mark H. Jaffe is a partner at Tor Ekeland, PC.  He does not represent Taylor Swift or any of the parties in Lil Wayne’s action, but he does practice trademark and copyright law and he has worked with recording artists and other authors to secure their rights. He can be reached at  ]]]]> ]]>

Impeachment and Judicial Review

Recently the President suggested that the courts would intervene in his favor if Congress impeached him. Lawyers, scholars, and commentators mocked him for this because

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