New Indictment in U.S. v Gottesfeld

U.S. v. Gottesfeld 16-MJ-4117 (MBB) (D. Mass.) On October 19. 2016, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts filed a two count indictment charging conspiracy to violate the CFAA, and intentionally causing damage to a computer in violation of the CFAA. Specifically, Mr. Gottesfeld is accused of orchestrating a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS) against Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Wayside Youth Center in March and April of 2014, in protest over the controversial seizing of Justina Pelletier by BCH from her parents’ custody against her will. After a national uproar, including protests outside of Wayside Youth Center, she was returned to the custody of her parents in June 2014. In February of 2016 Mr. Gottesfeld’s boat engine failed off the coast of Cuba and he was picked up by a Disney Cruise ship. Upon returning to the port of Miami he was arrested on the criminal complaint. We expect him to be indicted shortly, and a trial schedule to be set by the court. Donations for Marty Gottesfeld’s legal defense can be made at Read the new indictment here Criminal Complaint  ]]]]> ]]>

Impeachment and Judicial Review

Recently the President suggested that the courts would intervene in his favor if Congress impeached him. Lawyers, scholars, and commentators mocked him for this because

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The Julian Assange Indictment

I’m getting asked a lot of questions about the Assange indictment because it involves the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. And extradition. Two things we’ve got some experience with through representing Lauri Love and others.

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