TTAB Refuses Registration for “FANTRIP” as Merely Descriptive

FanTrips TTAB Refusal TTAB sustains the opposition to applicant’s registration for the trademark “FANTRIP” in connection with fan-based travel services.  Opposer had been using the brand name “FAN TRIPS” in connection with its own fan-based travel services. When you are seeking registration of your trademark, consider: Is your proposed trademark inherently distinctive, or does it merely describe your goods or services? Is another entity using a same or similar trademark that is likely to cause confusion? h/t]]]]> ]]>

Interview – The World

Tor Ekeland was interviewed by public radio’s longest-running daily global news program, The World, on how the Assange ruling highlights conditions of the US prison

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On Blackstone 7: The Lost Works

For all the Originalists’ trash talk I’m shocked that most of William Blackstone’s writings are out of print. In 2016, Oxford University Press published an

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