U.S. v. Roman Sterlingov
21-cr-00399-RDM (D.D.C)

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Roman’s trial is February 12, 2024 in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia. We expect it to last a month. (Originally Trial was set for September 14, 2023 but it got postponed).

Federal Criminal Defense is expensive. It is why so many innocent people take plea deals even when they’re wrongly accused.

Trial expenses, in a regular case, include printing, travel, experts, trial graphics, IT, discovery, mock juries, litigation consultants, postage, presentation software, research costs and more.  Not to mention hundreds of hours of work by our attorneys and support staff.  Add even more discovery and a team of computer forensics and blockchain experts. 

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We’re experienced trial, appellate, and business lawyers with a nationally recognized computer law, intellectual property, and criminal defense practice.

These days lots of law firms claim they practice computer or “cyber” law. They tack the word cyber in front of everything and claim to be “cyber” experts. It’s cyber this and cyber that. Every law firm wants to join the cyber law parade. But when you ask one of these “cyber” law firms the difference between a MAC Address and an IP Address you get a blank stare. And you probably get that blank stare in the form of an unencrypted email sent from that law firm’s unsecured server. We’re not that law firm.

In 2012, we were the first law firm in the country to accept BitCoin as payment. It wasn’t a big deal to us then and we aren’t dazzled now by all the hype around virtual currencies. We’ve been on the cutting edge of computer law for the last decade and we’re not stopping.

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